The Pants

We’re all here at just the right time:

The Pants are just right now catching on in the United States. By catching on I mean that for the last year or so there are a few US companies importing them from factories in Thailand and selling them online for around $20 per pair plus shipping, sometimes cheaper with promo codes here and there. Initially they were selling them to people who have been to Thailand before and miss the pants but aren’t able to find them in the US. However, since the pants are so awesome, their business is expanding rapidly because as people see the pants on the street and in the media, more and more are sold.

They’re also starting to pop up at super trendy markets in Brooklyn and all around Manhattan at between $20-$30 per pair. We’ve also seen them in gossip magazines when worn by celebrities.

So, simply put, we figured that, since we’re here in Thailand and have the ability to order directly from the factory, we would try something never before done in the history of fundraising. We would take a product that is on it’s way to becoming ‘en vogue’ and put it in your hands at wholesale prices for successful fundraising.

Our only goal with Animal Kind is to provide financial aid for Loop Abroad students, so we’re basically fundraising for our students just like you are for your cause. Together we can meet all of our fundraising goals and look great in amazing Thai pants at the same time.

How they’re made:

The pants are made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They’re not made in what you would consider a “factory” in the traditional sense. Most of the sewing and construction of the pants is done by stay-at-home-moms with vintage sewing machines and years of experience making these exact pants. They’ve been at it for years and quality is incredibly consistent.

At the beginning of each week these seamstresses pick up the material and orders from the factory. During the week they work from their homes to fill the orders. At the end of each week the teams drop off the finished pants at the factory where they are packaged, tagged, and readied for shipment.

The seamstresses are like independent contractors and are able to work how and when they choose. It’s not a bad gig at all!

How to wash them:

The pants are thin and soft and that’s why they’re so comfy. They’re not made for a super powerful industrial washer and dryer. You should wash them by hand. They’re also made for lounging and shouldn’t be worn for sports or adventure activities. They’re not the pants you would choose to wear while summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, for instance.

  • For best results hand wash the pants in cold water and then hang dry.
  • Whatever you do, don’t tumble dry or machine wash.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not soak.
  • Use warm iron as needed.


14 day return or exchange policy only for items in new and unworn condition. We are unable to process refunds or exchanges after this 14 day period from the date of original purchase. We are unable to accept pants that have been worn or damaged.