Animal Kind fundraising is designed for individuals or groups interested in raising at least $500. To raise $500 with Animal Kind requires that 50 pairs of pants be sold to your supporters. This should be easy! Our past experience tells us that many of your supporters will buy multiple pairs of Animal Kind pants in all different patterns and colors. There are two options for fundraising with Animal Kind:

Animal Kind Express 

Order a minimum of 50 pairs of pants at our wholesale price of $10 per pair. We’ll ship them directly to you from Thailand with love. All orders of 100 pairs or more ship free. Shipping on orders of between 50-99 pairs is $75.

Since you’re purchasing the pants before hand, AK Express is perfect for a fundraising event held at a fair, school, or church. It allows your supporters to purchase the pants and have them right away. This will help you sell more pants and reach your goals faster.

Your first AK Express shipment will arrive with a mix of patterns and designs. The style and fit—one-size-fits-most—of the pants is always the same, but the colors and patterns will be different. You’ll receive an assortment of the pants you see on our site. We do this for your first order because (trust us) there’s no way to know which colors and patterns will sell best. More importantly, most of your supporters will want more than one pair; so the more options you have the better.

When placing the order for your second AK Express shipment you’ll have the option to specify colors and patterns, but we think you’ll most likely stick with the random mix option, since there absolutely is not a bad color and your supporters will purchase multiple pairs.

Animal Kind Starter Kit

Order the Animal Kind Starter Kit for $100. This option includes 5 pairs of pants, order forms, fundraising tips, and everything you’ll need to meet your fundraising goals. The AK Starter Kit ships free from the United States. This AK Starter Kit is ideal if you’re an individual fundraiser (not fundraising as part of a group) or group without the initial funds for any of the AK Express options. Again, our suggested price for each pair of pants is $20 and the Animal Kind Starter Kit includes five pairs of pants. This means that once you sell these five pairs, you’ll actually make back 100% of your original investment. With the Animal Kind Starter Kit, you’ll take the five samples around to your supporters and take orders and payment for pants. When you’re ready to order, fill out this form and we’ll ship you the pants to fill your orders. Please keep in mind that shipping on orders of less than 50 pairs is $2.50 per pair.

Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible and for you to meet your fundraising goals fast!

Whenever possible, we recommend choosing the Animal Kind Express option. It’s less time consuming in that you are able to simply order the pants ahead of your event and fill the order at the time of purchase. And you’ll save money on shipping.


Order a box of 100 or more pairs and your order SHIPS free.

Order between 50 and 99 pairs and shipping is $75

Shipping On orders of less than 50 pairs is $2.50 per pair