Our Story

In 2009 we formed an organization called Loop Abroad. Our mission was to introduce our students to the Thailand that we love while at the same time shining a light on the critical state of animal welfare in Chiang Mai and around the globe.

Our programs look at this problem through the eyes of the endangered Asian elephant. We wanted to be sure we were focusing on the positive, so our students got to know Hope. Hope is the first male elephant rescued by the Elephant Nature Park and a symbol of the change that is possible if we all do our part.

We’ve learned a lot in these last six years. We’ve learned that if given the opportunity, our incredible students, almost without exception, choose to travel responsibly, in a way that respects local culture, customs, and, most importantly to our mission, all Animal Kind. Listening to our students has helped us hone our message and mission and allowed us to constantly improve our programming year after year. It’s also given us an amazing fundraising method that we’re sharing with you here through Animal Kind.

Originally our plan was to offer Animal Kind only to Loop students fundraising to participate in our programs. However, to get these amazing pants at the price we wanted we had to buy thousands more than we intended. After some thought, we decided to open Animal Kind to the general fundraising public and here we are.

The pants are a no-brainer. We’re really looking forward to the moment when you try on your first pair. They’re colorful, comfortable, and timeless. Our students go crazy over them and bring them back for everyone they know.

The price is also a no-brainer. They are one-size-fits-all and come in all different colors. The profit margin for you is 100%. For each bulk order you pay $10 per pair and sell them for $20 at your event. There are a few other places online selling similar pants for $15 - $20 plus shipping. So you’ll have the pants in exclusive colors available to sell at the same price or probably cheaper than you can find anywhere on the web. From our experience most people you encounter will want more than one pair, and if you sell 50 pairs, that’s $500 towards your goal. We honestly expect that you’ll be able to sell way more than this.

Animal Kind exists primarily to help Loop students fundraise for their trip to Thailand. That means the $10 per pair we charge is used to pay for pants, shipping, and mostly to fund financial aid awards to our students. There are no hidden fees or charges associated with Animal Kind. We want only for your fundraising efforts to be successful so that you buy more pants and share Animal Kind with your friends.

We keep it simple. We want your fundraising experience with us to feel like you’re selling cookies made by your neighbor. There’s no fine print. The business takes place on what amounts to a virtual handshake. We’re family-owned and operated and it feels that way. We’re here to help you meet your goals. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions.

We wish you Good Fundraising!